Find harmony in decoration and balance in your living space with the peaceful and modern Yoga Series.

Impact Strength: AC4
Class: 32nd Class
Thickness: 8mm
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 AGT Yoga Floor Series: Comfort and Style Together

Your home or office should be a living space that reflects your style. The AGT Yoga floor series has been designed to meet this requirement by combining both aesthetic and functional features. Both stylish and durable, the Yoga series allows you to create a modern and minimalist atmosphere.

AGT Yoga series provides the simplicity and modern look you are looking for in your home or office. Maintaining high quality standards, these floors add sophistication to every corner of your home. Standing out with its plain and simple lines, the Yoga series offers minimalism and modernity together.

Combined with AGT's global brand awareness and quality assurance, the Yoga series is the perfect choice for your floors. These highly durable floors are extremely resistant to heavy foot traffic, stains and scratches. Thus, you can keep your Yoga floors as new and fresh as the first day for many years.

In addition, the Yoga floor series stands out for its ease of use and simplicity of maintenance. Thanks to its water and stain-proof surface, it is extremely easy to clean and maintain. So you can spend more time enjoying your living space.

Energy efficiency and sustainability are also important features of the Yoga series. With its heat and sound insulation features, it allows you to create a living space that is both comfortable and energy efficient. In addition, with its environmentally friendly production processes, the Yoga series is an environmentally friendly option.

AGT Yoga floor series fits perfectly into any living space. With a wide range of colors and designs, Yoga floors offer an option for every decoration style and taste.

As a result, AGT Yoga floor series is an ideal option to add both aesthetics and functionality to your living spaces. In addition to reflecting your elegance and taste, it also offers practical features such as durability and easy maintenance. Check out the AGT Yoga series and take your living spaces to the next level!

AGT Yoga Floor Series: Create Your Dream Floor

Floors are an important element that determines the character of a living space and gives an identity to the room. AGT's Yoga floor series allows you to create your dream floors. With a remarkable design and superior performance features, the Yoga series adapts to any environment and adds a stylish touch to your living spaces.

The Yoga series combines durability and aesthetics, making it an ideal choice for long-term use. Using quality materials, these floors are designed to withstand even harsh conditions of use. Moreover, its special protection against water, stains and scratches allows you to easily clean and maintain your Yoga floors.

The AGT Yoga series is not limited to looks and durability. Its sound and heat insulation features help you save energy while increasing your comfort. Yoga floors are an environmentally friendly and energy efficient option.

Easy to assemble, the Yoga series is an ideal choice for DIY lovers. The assembly process ensures that the Yoga floors can be easily applied to any space. Thus, you can add elegance and comfort to every corner of your home or office.

Finally, AGT's Yoga floor series is produced with an environmentally friendly production process. Yoga floors respect not only your life, but also our world. It is an ideal choice for anyone adopting a sustainable lifestyle.

AGT Yoga floor series, every detail of which is carefully designed and appealing to all tastes, adds a perfect touch to your living spaces. Create a living space that reflects your style, tastes and values with yoga floors. Feel the superior quality and elegance of Yoga in every step!