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The term "wall to wall carpet" has passed from English to Turkish from the expression "Wall to Wall", the name known among other people is carpet for upholstery. Wall-to-wall carpet can be expressed as the carpet that extends from the beginning wall of the room to the end wall and covers the entire floor. The carpet is covered on the floor without leaving any gaps between the wall-to-wall flooring and the four walls.

It can be used in homes, hotels, offices, workplaces, mosques.

The most important advantage of the wall-to-wall carpet is the warmth it adds to the environment, the beautiful appearance and the very high sound acoustics. The wall-to-wall carpet, which has different color options, adapts to any environment and decor. The biggest advantage is that it can be laid easily.

Sound absorption and heat insulation can be counted among the advantages of using wall-to-wall carpet. In tests, it has been revealed that wall-to-wall carpets absorb more atmospheric noises such as footsteps, hum and echo. In addition, the carpet provides thermal insulation. In case the entire floor is covered with carpet, it provides up to 20% heat saving.

Wall-to-wall carpet can be used for many years when cleaned and maintained regularly. A regularly maintained carpet prevents the growth of germs or bacteria in the living area. Due to the fact that the entire floor is covered, the dust particles flying in the environment are pulled down and trapped inside, and they are prevented from accumulating in it with regular cleaning. It is cleaned regularly by vacuuming with a vacuum cleaner using the dry method. In certain periods, it should be washed with a carpet washing machine (with minimum water). This application should be done by professional teams without removing the carpet.
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