Offering a new interpretation to the herringbone pattern, the bow allows you to achieve a very natural and lively appearance in living spaces.

Impact Strength: AC4
Class: 32nd Class
Thickness: 8mm
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Okur Zemin


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AGT Bow Floor Series: A Touch Unique to Your Style

One of the most important elements that determine the style of your home or office, the floor reflects your personal style and tastes. AGT Proruva floor series stands out with its wide range of designs and colors. Offering an option suitable for every environment and decoration style, AGT Pruva changes not only the look but also the feel of your home.

AGT Prow series stands out among floor options with its innovative and modern design. With a unique and authentic look, AGT Pruva floors have the ability to transform your living space into your dream environment by emphasizing the personality and character of each of your rooms.

AGT, a worldwide brand, guarantees high quality with the Prow series it offers to its users. Products are designed to withstand even the harshest conditions and are long-lasting. AGT Pruva floors provide easy maintenance and cleaning thanks to their being stain-proof and water-resistant. In addition, AGT Pruva floors, which have sound insulation and heat insulation properties, help you create a living space that is both comfortable and energy efficient.

The wide range of options offered by the AGT Pruva floor series makes it easy to find the most suitable floor for your space. You can have your dream floor with wood effect, concrete look, glossy surfaces and much more. Moreover, AGT Prow floors can be easily applied to every part of your home or workplace.

As a result, AGT Pruva floor series is an ideal option to add both aesthetics and functionality to your spaces. With its extraordinary durability, easy maintenance and striking design options, AGT Pruva will add both style and comfort to your home or workplace. Check out the AGT Prow series to discover innovative and high quality flooring solutions!

AGT Bow Floor Series: Take it One Step Ahead

One step, feel the difference. Fill your home and office spaces with an atmosphere that suits your personal tastes and style. AGT Prow floor series is not only a floor option, but also a work of art that will reflect your lifestyle and personality. With its rich color and texture options, Pruva series aims to transform your living spaces into works of art.

More than 40 years of AGT`s experience and craftsmanship are evident in every detail of the Proruva floor series. Combining innovation and aesthetics, this floor series offers a timeless quality.

Standing out not only with its beauty and elegance, but also with its durability, the Pruva series is resistant to high foot traffic, liquid spills and heavy furniture loads. Thanks to its water, stain and scratch resistant surface, your floors will always look fresh and attractive as on the first day.

AGT Proruva floor series stands out with its ease of use and installation. An ideal option for DIY (Do It Yourself) lovers, bow floors offer fast and practical assembly. You can experience the pride and pleasure of creating your own floor.

AGT is also committed to a sustainable world. The bow floor series is produced with environmentally friendly production processes. In this way, a stylish and environmentally friendly option has been obtained.

If you want to transform your home or office into a living space that reflects your personal tastes and style, choose AGT Pruva floor series. Achieving the floor of your dreams is now very easy. Feel the difference at every step with AGT Pruva and combine your living spaces with your style!