Mood Series, with its non-slip feature in humid interiors, appeals to all tastes and needs with its wood and stone decors.

Impact Strength: AC4
Class: 32nd Class
Thickness: 10mm
Okur Zemin


Okur Zemin


Okur Zemin


Okur Zemin


Okur Zemin


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AGT MOOD model floors are designed to add a perfect modern touch to your home or workplace. AGT stands for excellence in flooring material and AGT MOOD is the last link of this perfection.

The outstanding qualities of this product include durability and longevity. AGT MOOD shows excellent resistance even to heavy usage areas. Even in your homes or offices with heavy foot traffic, you will see that AGT MOOD always maintains its quality appearance.

Aesthetically, AGT MOOD perfectly combines the warmth of natural wood look with the elegance of modern design. It fits easily into any interior design and adds class and elegance to your home or office.

Another advantage of AGT MOOD is ease of maintenance. These floors are easy to clean and maintenance free. This saves you time and keeps your floors looking like new for a long time.

This high-quality flooring solution is ideal for any interior – homes, offices, shops or restaurants. AGT MOOD is a choice that will improve the atmosphere and mood of any space.

Contact us to purchase and experience this excellent flooring solution for yourself. Enjoy the quality and comfort offered by AGT MOOD. A good floor selection not only adds beauty to your space, but also makes it more functional and comfortable. Take your space to the next level with AGT MOOD!

AGT MOOD floors stand out not only with their appearance and durability, but also with their respect for the environment. AGT obtains its products from sustainable sources and is a brand dedicated to producing quality floor coverings without harming the environment.

These floors are also extremely easy to install. Whether you need help from a professional installation team or do it yourself, the installation process of AGT MOOD is fast, simple and hassle-free. This not only saves time, but also quickly reuses your space.

AGT MOOD comes in a wide range of colors and textures, so it offers an option for every taste and style. You can choose from a wide range of options, from natural wood tones to sophisticated modern colours, each of which will add unique character to your space.

When choosing your flooring, it's important to consider every aspect of your daily life. AGT MOOD meets both your aesthetic and practical needs. Advanced surface protection provides resistance to spills, scratches and abrasions. Plus, high-quality laminate floors keep dust and allergens to a minimum, helping you create a healthier living space.

When you choose an AGT MOOD floor, you make a long-term investment. These floors will beautify your space for years with their long-lasting quality and consistently high performance.

Turn your floors into a work of art with AGT MOOD. Meet this unique and sophisticated floor solution that will add value to your space. Contact us today and enjoy the perfect combination of AGT MOOD floors of quality, style and durability.