Marco Polo Premium

Marco Polo Premium

Marco Polo Premium

With the new Marco Polo Collection, which was influenced by the travels of European explorers, you can explore the style of unique lines on the surface while opening the door to a contemporary and chic appearance.


Impact Strength: AC5 
Class: 33rd Class
Thickness: 12mm 
Okur Zemin


Okur Zemin


Okur Zemin


Okur Zemin


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AGT Marco Polo Premium: High Quality and Sales Oriented Flooring Solution

AGT Marco Polo Premium is one of AGT's high quality floor series and is an ideal option for those looking for an aesthetically appealing, durable and stylish floor. In this sales-oriented article, we can best promote the AGT Marco Polo Premium by highlighting its features.

1. Luxury and Aesthetics: AGT Marco Polo Premium floors offer a luxurious and stylish look. Designed using high quality materials and special production techniques, these floors add a sophisticated air to your space. It offers an aesthetic suitable for the style of your space with its wood patterns, stone textures and modern pattern options.

2. Superior Durability: AGT Marco Polo Premium floors provide long-lasting durability even in heavy usage areas. Superior material quality and special surface treatments provide excellent protection against scratches, stains and abrasions. These floors are a long-term investment for businesses, allowing you to always keep your space stylish and professional.

3. Natural Look and Feel: AGT Marco Polo Premium imitates the aesthetics and feel of natural materials. It reflects the texture of real wood in wood patterns and the texture of natural stone in stone appearances. In this way, while giving your space a natural and warm atmosphere, it allows you to avoid the maintenance difficulties of real materials.

4. Easy Maintenance: AGT Marco Polo Premium floors attract attention with their easy maintenance features. Thanks to its smooth and durable surfaces, it can be easily cleaned. With just regular vacuuming and cleaning with a slightly damp cloth, you can always keep your floors clean and shiny. This saves time and energy while increasing the efficiency of your business.

5. Environmentally Friendly: AGT demonstrates an important commitment to environmental awareness. Marco Polo Premium floors are produced in accordance with the principles of sustainability. AGT's environmentally friendly production processes and materials offer superior performance in terms of aesthetics and durability while protecting nature.

6. Prestige and Adding Value: AGT Marco Polo Premium floors add a prestigious atmosphere to your business and increase its value. With its excellent appearance and quality, it impresses your customers and strengthens the brand image of your business. Both at work and at home, AGT Marco Polo Premium floors offer a prestigious experience to their users.

AGT Marco Polo Premium is a luxurious, durable and aesthetic flooring solution. It meets your quality standards by elevating the appearance of your business or home. Combined with AGT's reliable brand and high quality production, Marco Polo Premium floors transform your space and provide the highest level of satisfaction to its users.

Note: This article is a sample sales-oriented article to highlight some of the key features of AGT Marco Polo Premium floors. For more detailed information and pricing, please contact AGT authorized dealers.

1. Material Quality: AGT Marco Polo Premium floors are produced from high quality materials. With its durable and robust structure, it provides long-term durability. Premium grade materials allow long-lasting use of floors.

2. Surface Treatment: AGT Marco Polo Premium floors offer a more realistic appearance with special surface treatments. Imitates natural surface details in wood patterns and stone textures. In this way, floors perfectly reflect the aesthetics of real materials.

3. Functionality: AGT Marco Polo Premium floors attract attention with their practical and functional usage features. It provides a hygienic environment thanks to its anti-bacterial and anti-static properties. It is also water and stain resistant, making it easy to clean and suitable for daily use.

4. Sound Insulation: AGT Marco Polo Premium floors offer high performance sound insulation. By reducing the noise, it creates a quiet and peaceful environment. This feature provides a great advantage especially in places where sound is important such as offices, hotels or high-rise buildings.

5. UV Resistance: AGT Marco Polo Premium floors are resistant to fading and discoloration when exposed to sunlight. UV protection ensures that floors remain lively and bright as on the first day for a long time. This feature protects your floors in the long run and reduces maintenance requirements.

6. Heat and Humidity Resistance: AGT Marco Polo Premium floors are resistant to temperature and humidity changes. Thanks to its thermal stability, floors remain stable for long periods of time without the risk of warping or deformation. This ensures that floors look and perform perfectly in the long run.

7. Environmentally Friendly Production: AGT is sensitive to the environment during its production process. AGT Marco Polo Premium floors are produced with sustainable production methods and recyclable materials. This allows you to contribute to the protection of the environment.

8. Wide Color and Pattern Options: AGT Marco Polo Premium floors offer rich color and pattern options. in wood patterns