ITC Cobalt

ITC Cobalt

ITC Cobalt
It is a layered loop carpet tile collection that is resistant to fading in light and water, creates different patterns by laying in different directions, is 50x50 cm in size, suitable for wheelchairs, can be used on floors with underfloor heating; Thus, it becomes very suitable for mixed use in a wide range of educational institutions, nursing homes, guesthouse establishments and office spaces. It is an antistatic product, durable and green area certified.

50x50 cm
Pile Composition: Polypropylene (PP)
Backing: Bitumen
Class: Class 22
Style: Loop pleat/Level loop
Quantity in package: 20 Pieces
Fire Resistance: CflS1
Pile Height: 4 mm
Total thickness: 7mm
Pile Weight: 550 g/m²
Total Weight: 4300 g/m²
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ITC Cobalt Model Carpet Tile: Aesthetics, Durability and Comfort Together

The ITC Cobalt model is the perfect choice for consumers looking for carpet tile. Cobalt is one of the most preferred products of ITC and is a unique product that combines design, quality and comfort. We would be delighted to present you this magnificent blend in detail.

Carpet tiles are easy to install and maintain, and are ideal for use anywhere. It is suitable for a wide range of uses such as offices, hotels, shops and homes. In addition to its wide range of uses, ITC Cobalt adapts to many decoration styles with its various color and texture options.

The first striking feature of the Cobalt model carpet tile is its modern and aesthetic design. With its striking color tones and rich patterns, it instantly transforms any space. With a minimalist design, this carpet tile blends easily with any interior design.

High quality materials are used in the production of these tiles and guarantee the longevity of the product. ITC prefers environmentally friendly materials when producing the Cobalt model. In addition, the technical characteristics of the product, such as durability and wear resistance, are designed to withstand all types of traffic.

ITC Cobalt carpet tiles also prioritize comfort and ergonomics. Thanks to its soft texture and high quality surface, it leaves a luxurious feeling under your feet. In addition, it provides a quiet and peaceful environment with its sound insulation properties.

With its ease of installation, Cobalt saves you time. You can easily assemble it even by yourself. Also, thanks to their high-quality adhesive, carpet tiles stay in place for a long time. And if some part is damaged, you can easily replace just that part.

ITC Cobalt is not only a functional flooring, it also reflects a lifestyle. It transforms your home or office into a warm and inviting space with its elegant and modern design, durability and comfort.

Preferring Cobalt model carpet tile means choosing quality and comfort. Therefore, we recommend the ITC Cobalt model carpet tile to our valued customers with peace of mind. Transform your home or workplace with this unique product from ITC and feel the difference. With Cobalt, feel the comfort under your steps, increase the beauty of your space and experience quality at every step.