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Laminat Flooring



We are very pleased to bring you Carpet Tiles with AGT Floor Features, which are among our products and attract attention with their design. We would like to give you some more information about the advantages and distinctive features of this special product.

AGT is one of the most important and quality floor covering manufacturers in Turkey. AGT`s understanding of high quality and customer satisfaction oriented approach is also evident in our Carpet Tiles.

Our Carpet Tiles are the perfect option that combines functionality and aesthetics. Ideal for offices, hotels, shops, schools and homes. It can be laid easily and quickly, and its maintenance is also extremely practical.

Our Carpet Tile, which will add elegance to your floor, offers unlimited design options. Carpet tiles can add personality to your space with different color and pattern options. You also have the chance to create your own unique floor by combining the shapes and patterns of carpet tiles. Your imagination has no limits when designing your own floor.

Our Carpet Tiles are a long-lasting and durable option. AGT`s solid floor technology ensures that our carpet tiles maintain their durability and aesthetic appearance for many years. This not only saves costs in the long run, but also keeps your floor new and fresh for many years to come.

In addition, our Carpet Tiles are an environmentally friendly option. Our products are produced with materials obtained from sustainable sources and do not contain harmful substances to the environment. AGT always takes its commitment to the environment seriously, and this is reflected in our carpet tile products.

As a result, our Carpet Tiles with AGT Flooring Properties offer a unique option by combining aesthetics, functionality, durability and environmental friendliness. Choose our Carpet Tile to create the floor of your dreams, experience both quality and difference.

Our Carpet Tiles with AGT Flooring Properties show that a space can be not only a floor covering, but also a work of art. While each tile adds a unique touch to your space, it fits perfectly to your personal tastes thanks to our wide range of products.

Our Carpet Tiles are ideal for giving your space a modern and professional look. With its different sizes and various color options, it creates a unique atmosphere on the floor of any place. In addition, it is frequently preferred in workplaces, meeting rooms and lobby areas due to its durability against hard and heavy traffic.

AGT`s superior technology in floor coverings ensures that our Carpet Tiles are resistant to stains and abrasions. Thus, it offers long-term performance even in heavily used areas. Thanks to its easy cleaning, it saves you time and energy.

With its superior sound insulation feature, our Carpet Tiles offer an excellent solution for noisy environments. This feature is particularly useful for open offices and high-traffic areas. In addition, thanks to its soft texture that offers a high level of comfort, it makes your feet feel comfortable.

Our Carpet Tile maintains the aesthetic appearance and functionality of your floor throughout its lifetime, while also supporting environmental sustainability. AGT proves its commitment to produce environmentally friendly products with every feature of our Carpet Tiles.

As a result, our Carpet Tiles with AGT Flooring Properties offer both aesthetic value and high performance. Whether in your home or office, our Carpet Tiles make your floor attractive and functional while offering durability and longevity. It`s time for you to invest in quality and an environmentally friendly option! Contact us and create the floor of your dreams today.